Toddlers and Fussy Eaters

Toddlers and Fussy Eaters

When my children were growing up they were offered the same food as ourselves. I see today so many choices given to young children instead of cooking up a meal and serving it up the same to everyone. I always allowed for dislikes but encouraged my children to try new tastes and they also had some favourite sweet to finish which usually included fruit.

I believe TV has had a big influence on children to the extent they want what was advertised which does make it difficult for young Mumís to keep on top of the big advertisers and keep their children eating healthy and nutritious food.

Below is the type of diet we ate each day which our children enjoyed apart from not eating all their vegetables they where good eaters. Of course there were also home made birthday cakes, pikelets, tarts, sausage rolls and pies. This is back in the 70ís and we lived on a budget and mince was featured in our diet and was a good source of protein and iron. Most of our food was unprocessed and made fresh at home.


Weetbix with full cream milk

Wholemeal toast with vegemite, jam, cheese

OR boiled eggs OR fryed eggs and bacon and mushrooms

Cup of Tea with lots of milk and a spoonful of sugar


Sandwiches Ė Chicken, Tuna, Meatloaf, Cheese

OR take away fish and chips

OR homemade burgers

OR fried egg and fried tomato

Piece of fruit normally apple,banana or orange

Glass of full cream milk


(Home made Mashed vegetables with or without meat or fish when quite young with a little butter and milk added.)

Meatloaf with mashed potato, carrots and peas or salad

Shepherds Pie

Lamb chops with three veg

Mince Curry which included apples and sultanas served with Rice

Lamb Stew and toast

Fish Fingers and homemade chips

Roast Lamb and vegetables

Rump Steak (occasionally) and Mashed vegetables including spinach

Battered left over lamb with vegetables

Sausages and 3 veg.


Ice cream and tinned fruit

Ice cream and topping or jellied fruit

Bread and Butter Pudding

Fruit and Custard

Fruit Pudding and Cream

Rice Pudding


Water, Milk, Juice, Cordial occasional soft drinks, cups of tea with milk and sugar.

Recipes still to be added here in booklet format as for "Back to Basics" and Low GI.